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Polite learner

Although we don't teach lessons in the store, we do make available the following information for your consideration. In general, most people ask about a teacher within a given geographic area. Below, we'll try to mention in what part of town a particular teacher is, but remind you that the teaching quality may be worth a little longer drive than convenience....

We don't play favorites for diplomatic reasons; just contact a couple of  names and be specific about the needs of your student. Age, ability, and type of music played can be most important for the right "fit."

The list is purely alphabetical; "AAAviolinstudio" would indeed get you to the top of the list...



Laura B. (316) 641-1598 (21st & Woodlawn area)

Bowen, J. (NW Wichita / Park City) 393-8954

 Rebecca B. (Park City)

Valerie C. (235 North & Meridian area) and her website,

Dominique C. (College Hill area) (316) 207-3899

Cindy D (Central & Webb) 259-0124

Dana D.(East Wichita/Andover area)

 Chelley G. (Woodlawn & Central area)

Jacqueline L. (Central & West area) 670-6687

Rob L. (21st & Tyler area)

Katie L. (Central & Ridge area) 631-5264

Miss Judy  (21st and Rock area) ; plenty of information at

Marta P. (NW City, or will travel to homes) 213-0938

Jane R. (Maple & Tyler area) 722-4869

Gayle R. (21st and Amidon area)

Vance Music 1508 W.19th St. N. Wichita 67203    316.264.1567

Kuefler Wallace, E. (College Hill) (631) 681-9113



Rosie Barney (Maple & Maize area) 641-1559

Cindy Cook (Bel Aire) 249-8706

Hailey Treas (Riverside area) 806 241-4598

Vance Music 1508 W. 19th St. N. Wichita 67203  316.264.1567



Quinn L. (College Hill) 708-5464

Laura M. (21st & Woodlawn) (316) 641-6261

Susan M (Friends University)

Karen P. (Douglas & Webb) (316) 644-2261

Cody F.R. (Riverside and Derby) 573-8690

Vance Music 1508 W. 19th St. N. Wichita 67203  316.264.1567

Amanda W. (NW Wichita) 204-0364


Krissy M. (85th & Broadway)

David J. (21st and Amidon area)