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 Basic Violins

SUZUKI METHOD VIOLINS 1/32 to 3/4 sizes
We are most fortunate to have access to some tremendous Suzuki Method teachers here in Wichita. They're formally trained, and have extraordinary skills when maintaining the attention spans of musicians as young as three years old.
For the parent of, say, a five year old - purchasing a good violin can be intimidating. We cannot stress enough that this would not be the time to find a $59 violin on EBay. There are so many things wrong with these, we are unable to economically work on them. It may seem counter intuitive, but your first step should be to locate a teacher (see our "Teachers" page) and set up lessons. Then visit our shop and simply borrow a nicely set up violin outfit for the first four lessons or so. Ours are nicely adjusted, with premium quality strings. They're all set up right here in our workshops to the exacting specs that these teachers have come to expect. In this way, you'll have the four weeks to do your homework and consider the best violin for your needs. There really, really, is no obligation to buy our outfit at the end of the approval period, but do visit with the teacher before committing to anything untried especially online. For those considering our outfits, this is how things work here:

The outfit is available for purchase from $329 to $459 depending upon the size chosen, and new/used condition.

We have a two-year warranty on all but wear items such as strings.

When it's time to trade-up to the next size, we allow 75% of the amount paid, toward the next violin. Here's a rough example....perhaps you paid $349 for a 1/4 size violin outfit. Eighteen months later, it's time for a 1/2 size which is $379. You'll have 75% credit ($261.75) against this, making your cost for the 1/2 size refurbished outfit $117.25 plus tax. It will have been cleaned, checked over, varnish touched-in, and set up with a newly rehaired or new bow, case and shoulder rest. This year we'll be using  Dominant strings on those violins 1/8 size and up. Honestly, the 1/32, 1/16 and even 1/10 size seem to sound clearer with steel strings because of the body size.

You have nothing to lose by trying an outfit in this way. We generally see that by three or four lessons the violin will be a good fit with a child, or it won't. If our violin purchase isn't for you, just return it safely. Although we have no in-house long term financing (to keep our pricing competitive) but think a "rent-to-own" situation seems more appealing, just tell us and we'll guide you as best we can with options from other music stores.

We're in the process of establishing our favorite violins in each price range, and will have things outlined soon. Sometimes our favorites have been superceded by better violins, and we want to provide the best that we can. Our basic new violin outfit will be $459 to $479 and will be set up with Dominant strings, Wittner tailpiece, and have a sound composite bow. We're using the Protec MAX cases - because the zippers hold up! - and we include an Everest shoulder rest and rosin. We feel that this is a very competitive price for the quality, and we put our two-year limited warranty on each outfit for your trouble free ownership.

Academy A14 model violin outfits........$489.00. These have been carefully chosen to fit the needs of discriminating teachers. We have set them up with Wittner Ultra tailpieces, and Dominant strings for durability as well as good sound. Each outfit has a wedge style foam core case, Holtz fiberglass bow, Everest shoulder rest and rosin.

K500 model violin outfits........$595.00. We've sold these since around 1997, and we've seen a few changes along the way. The most recent models have lovely figured woods and a rich red brown varnish. Each is set up with Wittner tailpiece and Thomastik "Dominant" strings for a refined sound. The outfit comes with a rectangular case with music pocket, a carbon graphite violin bow, Everest shoulder rest and premium rosin.