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1626 George Washington Boulevard Wichita, Kansas 67211

We're proud to carry a broad selection starting just over $2,000 for our California Strings models, complete with bow and carrying bag. These are fully carved, nice quality instruments adjusted here in our workshops.

Many of our Chinese handmade cellos are purchased as "body only" from suppliers, and we start the setup from pegs; dress the fingerboard; new bridge; new strings; new tailpiece; fit the soundpost, etc. In this way, we can confidently put our two year warranty on them with confidence. With some of the nicer instruments, these do arrive set up, but we still spend time tweaking things, listening, adjusting and changing strings if necessary.

Our range is second-to-none in this area, and competitively priced. This summer, we'll add more information and manufacturer links for your convenience...

Name Date Our Price
Heberlein 1869 $15,000.00
Peter White/Ken Keppeler 1994 $15,000.00
Frederick Wyss 2017 $7,600.00
Ifshin "Statue" model 2017 $5,850.00
Snow 'Per Casa" model 600 2016 $5,400.00
C.L. Wynn model 925 2017 $5,400.00
Jay Haide (Strad or Mont.) 2017 $4,995.00
Klaus Clement 2014 $4,850.00
Anton Dietl c1970 $4,500.00
Great Wall 2017 $3,750.00
C.L. Wynn model 520 2017 $3,750.00
Amber Strings "Bosio" 2017 $3,600.00
Snow model 200 2017 $3,132.00
Amber Strings "Moretti" 2017 $2,995.00
Lothar Semmlinger 2004 $2,850.00
Eastman model 405 2015 $2,595.00
Howard Core #K565 2017 $2,500.00
California Strings 2017 $2,200.00
Amber Strings 03 model 2017 $1,895.00